- The following conclusions are the result of several decades of research in the UFO area, gathered by the members of PUFOI after a long period of study and debate. We, the members of PUFOI, feel this is the right moment to present them to the general public. Nevertheless, we are aware of the non-definitive character of these conclusions and we understand that they might be subject of a re-analysis in the near future.

- We have concluded that most witnesses of the UFO phenomena are not individuals with a great capacity of observation and, as a rule, they don't possess a great knowledge of the sky as a "panorama". As a result of this two basic incapacities, the informations they give us can be regarded are mostly negative.

- The UFO acronym should be regarded exactly for what it stands for: Unidentified Flying Object.

- Only after a thorough analyses should some important and credible cases be catalogued as Unidentified Air Phenomena.

- All around the world, UFO observations can de counted in thousands. However, the vast majority of these observations lack credibility.

- Most of these observations have a rational explanation: confusion, bad observation, fraud, etc.

- The extraterrestrial hypothesis, as an explanation for the UFO phenomena, appears to us as very remote.

- In a few cases, and whenever traces suitable for lab analyses are found, science can give a contribution for an attempt to solve a specific phenomenon.

- The scientific community accepts the possibility of existence of superior biologic life forms in other worlds. This possibility must not be ignored.

- The extraterrestrial hypothesis, as an explanation for the UFO phenomena, must be approached under very  specific determinations. To admit the existence of live in other planets is not the same as saying that this live is a superior one, gifted with intelligence and reasoning, spread in a vast scale throw the Universe. 

- The light barrier, to our best knowledge, is still a factor to consider as an opponent to cosmic travels.

- Against all logic probabilities, and should the extraterrestrial hypothesis be true, there are to many incursions to our planet.

-We have other guidelines for future investigation, and we wish we may share them with other investigators.